Transitions: Important New Chapter for Zambian Children’s Fund

Kathe Padilla, our founder and Executive Director, has decided that she would like to retire soon. We are now in a time of transition. Kathe will continue as Executive Director of ZCF and the Board of Directors will be overseeing everything in the US and in Zambia as we prepare the search process to hire a new Director.

Through her hard work and visionary skills, Kathe created an amazingly successful and beautiful orphanage and school to help the children in Zambia. We are so grateful to the staff at Chishawasha Children’s Home, The Glassco Foundation of Canada, and you, our
faithful donors, who have made this possible over the last 12 years.

The Chishawasha campus now supports 150 beautiful children and is growing…there will be many more children in the future whose lives depend on us. It will take all of us working together to be able to write the next chapter for Chishawasha.

We need to raise twice the money as we have in the past, as well as to enlarge and develop our Board of Directors. We also need to make more people aware of this important work to help these children.

We are working with an advisor from SCORE which is a national organization of retired business people who work with small businesses and nonprofits.

We have been accepted by SCNO at The University of Arizona, a group at the Eller School of Business that selects one non-profit a semester to work with and advise.

We need you to tell your friends and help us spread the word about The Zambian Children’s Fund and the Chishawasha Children’s Home. We need you to locate groups in your area, or form your own group where Kathe can speak. We need you to help us raise money, create and execute fundraising ideas in your area, and/or find funding sources. If you have contacts with individuals, large organizations or Foundations that
could help, please let us know. You can also help by sponsoring a child.

We will support your efforts in any way we can. Just contact me for support and materials:
or the ZCF office:

Thank you so much for your support through the years.
Barbara Goldschmid
President of The Board of Directors

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