Thoughts from Zambia by Victor, a ZCF Board Member and native Zambian


This may be the first time you are hearing directly from a Zambian. Thank you so much for your interest and care for children thousands of miles away, children that you have never seen and may never see. In your caring, you have touched  them more than you can ever imagine, you are planting seeds of compassion. I went to Zambia for my mother’s funeral and wanted to visit the orphanage again, which I had  first visited in 2008.

You will be happy and proud to know that when I passed unannounced by the orphanage in Zambia this past May, I was met by happy noises. I could hear the happy sounds of children as they seamlessly moved in and out of the dining hall. These beautiful noises are a testament of how your generosity is bearing fruit and how much we need you not to give up on these beautiful noises.VIDEO LINK FROM VICTOR’S TRIP:

Let me tell you what makes this orphanage special, it does not feel or look like an orphanage, it feels like a real home and the children have 3 meals a day. As a Zambian, I want this to stand as an example of how to best take care of orphans, to succeed as a shining example. It has caught the eye of The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services; they take people to the orphanage to show them a success story. In reality, this is your success story. Please, take a moment to compile a list of your friends and ask them on behalf of these children for a helping hand. Call ZCF for extra brochures. It takes a global village to make beautiful noises last. VIDEO LINK FROM VICTOR’S TRIP:

It was twilight when I left the orphanage, 9 kids had organized a soccer game and were really having fun though their ball was falling to pieces. As a new member of the ZCF Board I was able to look at things from a fresh perspective. Two houses that had been under construction in 2008 were now operational and the school had added a wing with more classrooms including a library and a media center. There were more fruit trees and also more plants and shrubs around the homes that made a very beautiful sight. I later had lunch with the teachers and I asked for feedback and ideas. I promised them I would do my best to act as a bridge between the two cultures. As Kathe prepares to retire, we are in a very challenging transition and we need your help more than ever to ensure the successful continuation of this wonderful orphanage. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your support and the new children who come to be helped by your generous contributions.

Many, many thanks, Victor Simwala Board Member

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